Saturday, January 1


Senegal is generally safe except for the Casamance area which has ongoing, low level separatist rebellions. We will pass through the area, but only briefly. I suspect Western Sahara & Mauritania will be fairly hard travelling, and Senegal will be a welcome relief when we get there.
Visas: it looks like South Africans & Brits can enter for up to 90 days without a visa.
We may enter Senegal twice as The Gambia divides it in two...
- Parc National des Oiseaux du Djoudj - pirogue tour, flamingos, pelecans
- Saint Louis - oldest french settlement, Unesco, historic, looks awesome
- Dakar - capital on a peninsula, vibrant markets, music, festivals, watch out for scams
- Ile de Goree - bougainvillea, narrow alleyways, famous for slave trade
- Yoff and NGor - small quiet towns away from downtown
- Naye - If we decide to go straight to Mali, this is the border

If we decide to go to Guinea-Bissau, we enter Senegal a second time in the Casamance region (waterways, Diola culture)
- Kafountine & Abene - famous for dreadlocks, drums, extremely laid back
- Ziguinchor - transport hub

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