Saturday, January 1

Western Sahara

Currently under administration by Morocco SADR and Mauritania. We need to watch out for land mines and the area around the Berm (sand wall built by the Moroccan military). We will largely be passing through.

South African: A visa is required and should be obtained from the nearest Moroccan embassy before travel.
British Passport holders with passports endorsed ‘British Citizen’ do not require a visa for stays up to 3 months.
- Laayoune - This is generally ok, but there was a recent story of some ladies travelling on quad bikes that were caught in riots.
- Dakhla - where travellers congregate to cross the border. An interesting account of the border crossing process is http://www.travbuddy.com/travel-blogs/14317/Dakhla-Nouadhibou-14 (although this is dated 2008 and might be a lot better now). This town has a large bay which apparently makes for excellent windsurfing & kitesurfing.

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