Saturday, January 1

Jordan, Syria, Turkey

- Aqaba - This is the port that we arrive at from Egypt
- Wadi Rum - Colourful desert famous from Laurence of Arabia
- Petra - Famous building carved into the stone
- Dana Nature Reserve - Hiking
- Karak - Crusader Castle
- Dead Sea - Mary can float water already - I wonder if she can walk here? 400m below sea level
- Ammam - Mordern City
- Jerash - Well preserved Roman city
- Ajlun - Castle

Bosra - black basaly town, citadel 
- Damascus - holy city, one of the oldest continuously inhabited places, Old City
Palmyra - Roman ruins, desert oasis
Crac des Chevaliers - Castle
Hama - attractive town, Orontes River, water wheels, Dead Cities
- Aleppo (Halab) - Arabian bazaar, UNESCO
- Azaz - Border with Turkey

- Istanbul
Antalya - Turkish Riviera
- Amasya - Ottoman houses, Pontac empire, tombs built into mountains
- Kilis Border (with Syria) -
Behramkale + Assos - Village on a hill, Athena temple, Harbour, mosque, colourful nomads
Cappadocia - Troglodyte houses built into the rocks, adventure center
Ephesus - best preserved Roman ruin in the area
Fethiye - great beaches, natural harbour, ghost town of Kayakoy, islands, tombs
Göreme - rock chimneys, honeycome cliffs, 
- Mardin - Ancient Town, Kastle, Hill
Nemrut Daği - Statues and heads
Olympos & Çirali - Mountainous, Tree Houses
Pamukkale - Calcium pools, UNESCO, spa
Safranbolu - Ottoman Houses

Avanos - Famous red pottery
Gaziantep - fortress
- Bergama - Home of Asclepion - quiet town with Trojan ruins and ruins from Alexander the Great 
- Bursa - The oldest spa, home of Donor Kebab
- Erzurum - citadel
- Dalyan - Daylan River, mud baths, willow trees
Ankara - Capital
Doğubayazit - Mt Ararat (snow covered), Ishak Pasa Palace (built on a hill), Kurdish
Diyarbakir - Buzy Kurdish city