Thursday, April 21

The Beast - 1994 Toyota Hilux 2.2

Brett: After a week of test driving, we narrowed down our choice of 4x4. Each one is a compromise; first choice was the simple old 2.2 4Y petrol Hilux (the one that gave Toyota its reputation and is famous from Top Gear), second choice was the slightly newer 2.7 Hilux. There are many advantages to diesel, but the petrol engines are more reliable and simpler. Petrol availability should be fine with a long range tank (sometimes diesel pumps are emptied by large trucks) and fuel costs won't be that much different overall. Fuel quality is an issue to be careful of with both. Ultimately, it is a personal decision and many vehicles can and do make the East coast - our focus was on reliability, because of the distance we will be covering and for the West Coast.

We found one on the hilux4x4.co.za forums in very good condition and with a lot of kit (which can cost more than the vehicle), so we headed off to Bloemfontein. I am sure we set some sort of record for the longest time taken to buy a vehicle (2 full days); drive 4 hours to Bloem, 2 hour test drive including off road with Mitch, road worthy, new tyres, adjust brakes, pack up extras and drive back to Joburg, register, new licence plates, new alarm system for insurance. It really does feel like a beast to drive, able to take on anything.

The kit includes:
- Iron Man shocks and added leaf spring at the back for the extra load (not quite Old Man Emu, but good enough)
- BF Goodrich All Terrain Tyres x6
- Diff Lock (rear)
- Long range tank (118 litres)
- Canopies: will try to convert canvas covered livestock version into a aluminium overland canopy and sell the other
- Front Runner roof rack, high lift jack, axe, spade, tow bar
- Bull Bar - proper one rather than the standard cosmetic ones - can take high lift jack, snatch straps or winch 
- Rock sliders - some protection on the underside
- Tow bar
- Drawer System and rubberised bin
- Power Steering, Aircon, central locking (not much else electric)
- National Luna Dual Battery System
- 2 Way Radio
- Good sound system (important for the long days)
- Awning
- Spot Lights

We need to buy:
- Rooftop tent
- Fridge
- Snorkel (for dust)
- Cubby safe
- Sand tracks + snatch straps
- Winch - I think we don't need a winch but Mary thinks we do and will remind me so in the event :)
- Water system

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  1. Tal: Woohoo! Soon you'll be on your way. Just out of interest is buying 4x4 accessories the same as walking into a hardware where you buy all the cool looking stuff that you're not sure why you want it or if you'll ever use it but you buy it anyway?