Saturday, May 28

Blood Sweat and Overlanding Prep

Brett: We are getting there… we spent about a week sorting out overlanding things on the vehicle…
  • Installed the Roof Top Tent – the wooden supports didn’t fit so we replaced them with wider wood. We bought the tent from http://www.tentco.co.za/ – we got the slightly larger 1.4m version for the same price as most used 1.2m tents on Gumtree.
  • Also from Tent Co
    • Air Compressor and pressure gauge – for changing tyre pressures on different terrain
    • Bright torch for game spotting – modern ones run on CREE LEDs, so last much longer on AA batteries compared to older technology that drains a car battery in 30 minutes.
    • Ground Sheet
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Snatch and Tow Strap
    • Paper Maps – Tracks4Africa and InfoMap
  • Fixed the drawers – the framework for the drawers was bent so we bought some new sliders (model 7330, 1 metre, load rating 100kg) from http://www.furnlock.co.za and installed. We removed the old slider with an angle grinder, reinforced the frame with aluminium strips and installed the new sliders. It ended up taking much longer than expected because we had to work with the existing frame. The new drawers work much better – they can be closed by one person and without waking up the neighbourhood.
  • Built another slider – using the same sliders, we build a slider similar to the one that the fridge came with. We used different sized ‘L’ shaped aluminium shaped pieces for mounting the sliders and for the slider shape. We used Masonite for the base and designed it to fit 3 x 2 clear boxes (or 2 x 2 ammo crates). The slider was really easy and fun to build and cost about R700 - about half the price and 1.5x the size of those from 4x4 shops. Even with very careful measurement, the boxes on the two sliders were catching on the canopy so another couple hours later, we moved them 3cm to the right and all is good.
  • Dust Resistant – the square back of the 4x4 creates a vacuum and with the large gaps in the tailgate, dust became a huge problem. We used rubber strips creatively to seal it – we still need to test it out, but at a guess it will be dust resistant rather than dust proof.
  • Plastic Boxes http://www.westpacklifestyle.co.za/ is brilliant with every type of plastic box/item imaginable in a huge warehouse. We bought 10 large clear boxes for our stuff, water containers for 50 litres of water, a Tupperware for the centre console, red cooler bag for the first aid kit etc. The shipping boxes finally arrived, so we can test out our packing.
  • Table and Chairs – we went for Camp Master high backrest folding chairs and a simple plastic table. The table will hang on brackets in the ‘ceiling’ of the canopy.
  • Secured and covered second battery
  • Sold the fibreglass canopy
  • Front Runner Roof Rack – this came with the Hilux, but we installed the spare wheel, high lift jack, axe and spade. Padlocks on everything (same key) and velcro straps to stop rattles.

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