Monday, February 21

About us

The name of the blog comes from our nick names... Moo (Mary) 'n Spaghetti (Brett)

Mary was born in Durbs and grew up in Jo'burg. She studied Electrical Engineering at Wits and met her lovely husband Brett on the second day. Brett introduced Mary to the concept of travel in Africa, and in 2001 they set off with Russ & Karen in a lil' red citigolf to Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia & Botswana. That was the start of all that was to come! After 8 years partying, hard work & travelling round the UK, Mary needs a tan more than you could believe :0
Mary's areas of speciality on this trip will be:
  • conversing in languages other than English (since Brett is terrible at that)
  • cooking
  • creative director of film, photography & stop motion animation
  • relaxing with a nice glass of wine

Brett: I inherited the travel bug - my grandfather was a sailor most of his life, Cape to Cairo was originally my dad's idea, my sister is seasoned nomad and my step mother runs a travel business. I have lived in Durbs, Joburg and London and consider myself an Engineer. I am very lucky to have met Mary; beautiful soul mate with the same interests in travel and Africa. My areas on the trip will be: 
  • captain of the more technical offroad driving and vehicle recovery
  • geographic / technical - maps, route, GPS and geo-tagging photos, web site and other gadgets 
  • mechanical - I rebuilt a motorbike and watched my dad build a kit car, but still have a lot to learn
  • adventure sports organiser, photographer

The Support Crew:
Mike & Louise: Logistics south of the equator, 4x4 advice, equipment advice, proprieters of Hotel Parkview. They will provide the welcome waggon* at the start & finish of the trip.
Russell & Claire: logistics north of the equator, including UK post, organisers of flights, shark dives & a Cape Town holiday jaunt before we set off. They will provide a welcome waggon* at the half way point of the trip.

*welcome waggon: including, but not limited to, cold beers & hot showers.