Thursday, April 12

GPS Waypoints and XLS for Overlanders

Other overlanders shared their GPX files with us (when we met them or through their blogs) – they were really helpful, so we have made ours available here. Below is also our Day Log which gives details of where we stayed, facilities, travel distances, travel times, activities and notes/comments about those. It also has some Country Notes on visas, borders, FX (when we were there) and petrol price (to fill up in the cheaper countries). Hopefully it will be a useful guide for planning your own adventure.

Budgeting: The spread sheet should help for budgeting – costs are listed for accommodation, petrol (relative prices between countries doesn’t change much), activities, parks, visas and borders. For food and drinks, self catering is similar to home and eating local food is usually cheap. Other major items to consider are vehicle cost, equipment (more than cost of vehicle for some), carnet (large deposit), maintenance, medical insurance.

Useful Waypoints and Notes from others

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