Saturday, January 1


Angola spent the first 27 years of independence from Portugal in civil war which ended in 2002 after the death of the rebel group leader. Fighting continues in a separatist movement in oil rich Cabinda, a province separated from the rest of Angola by the DRC. North and South Luanda provinces (North East corner bordering DRC) are major diamond areas and also considered dangerous.

Several other overlanders have mentioned Angola as a highlight for the scenery and culture. There are so few tourists here that it is real exploring - many roads require a 4x4.
The thoughts so far are
- Noqui - Border with DRC
- Luanda - Capital, tropical Mussulo island, the Benifica Market for Kwanza River
- Lobito - scenery, Restinga Peninsula, beaches
- Benguela - art deco architecture, Baia Azul for desert beaches
- Lubango - beautiful escarpment-type scenery with crazy roads cut into steep hills
- Namibe - stay at Flamingo Camp, Arco Lagoon, beaches, desert, Mucubais tribes
- Iona National Park - links up with the Namib-Skeleton Coast National Park which stretches to Richetersveld National Park, creating one of the largest coastline reserves in the world
- Cahama
- Kunene River - Canoeing (entering from the Namibian side), Ruacana Falls, Himba tribes
- Santa Clara - Border with Namibia

There were issues getting visas in 2009, and many overlanders had to rush through on 5 day transit visas. That should hopefully be resolved, but we may need a letter of invitation. Visas are required for all foreigners & can be obtained in Congo. 5 day transit visas seem to be available at the border if we can't do better...

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