Saturday, January 1


DRC will be a short trip between Matadi and Kinshasa (via Kintanu). Most of the country is not considered safe to travel in. The biggest dangers are in the East of the country - the refuge crisis in Kivi on the border with Uganda / Rwanda and the LRA fighting on the CAR/Sudan/Uganda border. The centre of DRC is also known to be unstable.
Visas are required in advance.

- Kinshasa - On the Congo River - not very relaxing. There are lots of scams with armed fake police robbing westerners.
- Kintanu
- Matadi - Border with Angola

There are a handful of brave people who travel East-West through DRC, following the Congo river, exploring the volcanoes and hitch-hiking through the rainforest - that won't be us this trip, but possibly one day if the situation improves. We will still get to see a small part of the country for a few days and cross the massive Congo river.

Wikitravel notes that if you have a Rwandan or Ugandan stamp on your passport you might have trouble entering the country.

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