Saturday, January 1


Mali has many classic / landmark sites. It is in the Sahel (area between the Sahara desert and the savannahs). Most of Mali is safe except North of Timbuktu (bandits) and East of Timbuktu (Toureg conflicts).
Visas needed, obtainable in Rabat or Nouakchott while we wait (http://www.sahara-overland.com/country/mali.htm)
We would like to see:
- Bamako - Capital - we will get Burkina Faso and Ghana visa here
- Mopti - river port, rock formations at Hombori, nice mosque
- Falaise de Bandiagara - UNESCO site, dogon region, sandstone cliffs with cave houses
- Dogon Country - Guide Aly Bamia 66867658 ali_bamia@hotmail.com has been recommended - 32 GBP per day per group
- Djenne - largest mud and stick mosque in the world, on an island on the Bani River, Jenne-Jeno archilogical site
- Niger river - sailing
- Music & desert festivals
- Benena - Border with Burkina Faso

We will do research as we go, but think these might not be safe anymore:
- Timbuktu - legendary city, end of the earth - not too much to see
- Hombori

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