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Darfur is in the West. Ongoing fighting with the South rules that out too sadly - apparently the South is amazing - there is also a vote for the South gaining independence from the North as we speak, so it is one to watch. Sudan is hot. The drive in the Northern section follows the railway through the desert. A common theme from other peoples blogs is that Sudan surprised them and they wish they had spent more time there. It is apparently quite common to be invited into someone's house for tea.

Pretty much everyone needs a visa for Sudan. We will need to organise this in advance as you can't get it at the border post - probably Addis Ababa will be easiest place to organise this. Interestingly, you would not be able to get a visa for Sudan if you have an Israel stamp in your passport, and if you turned up at the border with a visa & they saw an Israel stamp you would be turned away!

- Al Quallabat - Entry border from Ethiopia
- Gedaref - lush & green, apparently
- Khartoum - white and blue Nile merge, Sufi drumming and dancing ritual, Omdurman. According to Wikitravel, foreigners need to register with the Aliens Registration Bureau & we will need to get photography permits to take any pics?? http://wikitravel.org/en/Khartoum Not sure if this is really true...will investigate
- Meroe - More than 200 pyramids of Kush kingdom - Nubian - looks really interesting
- Dongola
- Wadi Halfa - this is the border into Egypt - details about the ferry are mentioned on the Egypt post. Major tourist transition point - we will probably meet a lot of other nice travellers here. There are lots of stories about long waits for the ferry, cars going on a different ferry to passengers and a few days later and Egyptian bureaucracy.

We probably won't make it here but will have dived in Egypt...
- Port Sudan - red sea diving, fishing

Regrettably, we won't be able to see these places in the south due to the elections. If something changes we will definitely go, or make another trip once Southern Sudan is its own country.
- Sudd - wetland with floating vegetation and villages. Africa's largest wetland!
- Boma National Park
- Juba - Southern Capital
National Geographic Photos of Southern Sudan

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