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Tanzania has many of the famous sites and is an easy place to travel. It can be expensive compared to neighbouring countries. South Africans need a visa in advance.

- Ruvuma River (Border to Moz)
- Selous - named after Englishman Selous, a famous explorer who died in 1917. Presence of Tsetse fly and very difficult road access!
- Iringa - weird rock structures
- Isimilia - baobab forest
- Dar es Salaam - Mix of African, Arabic and Indian influence. There might be cows on the beach.
- Bagamoyo - old capital of German East Africa (1887). Colonial ruins look interesting. The name comes from "bwaga-moyo" which literally means "Lay down your heart". Lots of dhows.
- Zanzibar Island - Stone Town, whitewashed, alleyways, white beaches, colourful doors, turquoise water, spice
- Pemba + Mnemba Islands - hilly, green, little visited. Beautiful.
- Pangani - nice little village
- Lushoto - Hiking in Usambaras & Lushoto mountains, exploring villages
- Kilimanjaro Mountain - 5896m - the hike costs about 1000 GBP each, and we would need to book long in advance, so it probably won't happen this time. We will make a plan for a separate trip.
- Arusha - base for exploring the North, coffee, mountains in background
- Mount Meru Forest & Arusha National Park - this looks a little different to most parks - misty forests & wide high altitude plains
- Tarangire National Park - another game park. If we are bored of parks we will just not go.
- Lake Manyara National Park - flamingoes, tree-climbing lions
- Ngorongoro Crater - high concentrations of wildlife in an amazing setting, Maasai. A definite "must-do" but probably expensive
- Serengeti + Masai Mara - migrations approx between June and August from Serengeti, arriving Masai Mara between July and Sept. We should hopefully see some of this.
- Gombe Stream National Park - this is a maybe. Jane Goodall study of wild chimpanzees. Chimpanzee trekking (tame version of gorilla trekking?). Hugely expensive and far out of the way.
- Kigoma & Lake Tanganyika - if we decide to go to Gombe Stream, we will visit Lake Tanganyika and see the famous Liembe ferryboat (built 1913 in Germany - after preliminary assembly they took it to pieces and shipped it to Tanzania!). One of the busiest ferry ports on Lake Tanganyika. Snorkelling, colourful chilids.
- Rusumo - out into Rwanda at the Rusomo border post.

National Geographic Photos - http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/countries/tanzania-photos/

these are some teaser pics from the internet...

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