Saturday, January 1


We want togo to Togo (Mary). It has been described as one of the continent's hidden gems, and should be very chilled, cultural & interesting.
All nationals can obtain an entry visa on arrival in Togo for a maximum stay of up to seven days. Passports need to be handed in on arrival (except for passports of nationals of Schengen countries) and collected along with the visa from the police station the following day. If we want longer than 7 days we can then apply for a normal entry visa.

We would like to see:
- Badou - Border with Ghana + the nearby Cascade d'Akloa (waterfalls)
- Klouto - Coffee and cocoa triangle with ruined chateaus, butterflies and mountain villages
- Kara - slow paced rural spots, Aledjo fault, fortresslike mudbrick houses in Tamberma Valley
- Lome - Capital and one of the most beautiful cities in West Africa, strong music culture, on the coast. Has a great market (Grand Marche).

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