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The home of Voodoo and the once home to Dahomey kingdom, Benin was the largest center of the slave trade in Africa, run by the Fon people, who dominated the Dahomey government and actively sold their neighboring peoples to the Europeans. Vodun, a precursor to Voodoo, is the official religion of the country - so not a good place to make enemies :)
A small country with a lot to see.
Saffas: A valid passport is required, but no visa for a stay of up to three months.
Poms: a visa is required in advance.

On the list:
- Ouidah - Route d’Esclaves, a python temple, sacred trees etc http://www.museeouidah.org/VisitingOuidah.htm
- Contonou - economic capital
- Ganvie - Stilt villages in the southern lagoons (Somba people) - "the venice of africa"
- Porto Novo - official Capital
- Abomey - UNESCO palaces and temples of Dahomey kingdom
- Dassa-Zoume & Savalou - center of Vodun culture
- Nikki - Cultural area
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