Saturday, January 1


We have seen some of Zambia before. Many people have said that it has some of the best game parks. The warnings are to avoid the border areas near Angola, DRC and Mozambique.
Last time we did not get a great feeling about Zambia, but we are keen to give it another go.

- Livingstone - Vic falls, white water rafting
- Lake Kariba - houseboat if not ridiculously expensive
- through Lusaka
- South Luangwa National Park - one of the best parks in Zambia, Mfuwe - most of park closes Nov to Apr. Home of the original walking safari, can be very expensive but if there is a way to do it cheaply we will find it!
- Kapishya hot springs - might take a few days here for a holiday from our holiday
- Waterfall Loop - Optional, we might cut this out - Kabwelume Falls, Lumangwe Falls, Liemba ferry on Lake Tanganyika

South Africans do not require a visa to enter Zambia.

these are some teaser pics from the internet...

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