Saturday, January 1


We have been to Malawi with my sister and Russell before "to visit Martin" in my old Citi Golf. Malawi is fantastic so we want to go again. The people are extremely friendly and relaxed.

- Nyika National Park - plateau, rolling hills, pine forest, cycle, hike
- Livingstonia - permaculture camp (last time we visited a fantastic permaculture camp and Mary got really into it so this time we will stay over), hike to the top, quiet retreat
- Nkhata Bay - tropical, green, scenic, diving
- Likoma & Chizumula Islands - Camp on the islands
- Kande Beach
- Senga Bay - calm water
- Monkey Bay - kayak, scuba, market - might be dodgy now
-Zomba Plateau - old colonial capital - hiking
- Mount Mulanje - Hiking

South Africans & Brits don't need visas.

Some of these are our photos and others are from the internet to show you what it will be like...

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