Saturday, January 1


Nigeria has a reputation - we haven't decided yet where we will go. We will avoid Port Harcourt (kidnapping of oil executives in the delta is common).

Places to see are:
- Chikanda - Border (Benin)
- Osun-Osogbo - sacred grove - Unesco, interesting art, Yoruba
- Abuja - capital - we will get Cameroon and Angola visa here. Angola visa is difficult, dress smart.
- Ikom - the Ikom Monoliths are more than 300 upright, carved stones. Varying in height from one to two meters, many of the monoliths are grouped in circles facing each other.
- Mfum - Border (Cameroon)

- New Bussa (Kainji) - dam
- Lagos - most populous city in Africa (10.7m) - chaos

These appear to be in dangerous places so we may skip - we will do more research to confirm.
- Yankari National Park - Wikki Warm Spring
- Kano - founded in about 600AD for trans-sahara trade routes, islamic learning center
- Calabar - popular port

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