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Cameroon is safe, but surrounded by dangerous countries. The landscape is very varied with rainforest, beach, volcanoes, grasslands and desert. Bureaucracy will require a lot of patience in Cameroon.
A former German colony that was divided between French and British control after WWI and with landscapes ranging from near-desert to tropical rainforest.
These are some of the places we would like to see. Click on the map for more detail:
- Ekok - Border
- Mamfe - The 60 mile or so of road from the border to Mamfe is considered one of the worst in the world - muddy, rutted, and totally impassable in the wet season. This will be a crazy area. I read in some blogs about overland trucks taking 2 or 3 full days to get through this stretch, assuming they didnt get stuck.
- Bamenda & ring road area through spectacular mountains, Mount Oku, Lake Oku, Kimbi River Game Reserve, Menchum River waterfall, huge chiefs palace at Bafut, pyramidial thatched shrine at Akum
- Ngaoundere - Transport Hub
- Roumsiki - stony mountain spikes
- Founban - Grande Marche with market and mosque
- Mt Cameroon - trekking - an active volcano and the highest peak in West Africa at 4095m
- Limbe - botanical gardens
- Douala -
- Kribi - palm-fringed beaches - Chutes de le Lobe (waterfall into a pool by the sea) . Gonna be awesome!
- Yaounde - capital - green, hilly and relaxed - we will get DRC, Congo and Gabon visas here.
- Abang-Minko - Border with Gabon

The road up to here requires a convoy so we will probably skip...
- Waza National Park near Maroua

Cameroon is one of the rainiest places in the world and roads become impassible for about 8 months of the year. Part of our timing will revolve around this. Saying that, locals do get around in Toyota Corollas, which involves lots of pushing or waiting for trucks to pull them out of the mud.

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