Saturday, January 1

Gabon Research

Gabon has been on my list since I red about Mike Fay's Megatransect in National Geographic. He walked 3200km through the forest, surveying plants and animals in 12 uninhabited forest blocks. He took plans for 13 national parks (28,500km squared) to the President asking for a few of them to be approved - the President approved all 13 on the spot (10% of the country).

There are too many good choices of places to go in Gabon and many are very expensive - we need to pick a few:
- Bitam - Border
- Oyem
- 4x4 track along the southern border of Equatorial Guinea with dozens of wooden bridges
- Akanda National Park - Mangrove & tidal flats, migratory birds & turtles
- Libreville - expensive capital city with high rise cities along the beaches
- Lambarene - old famous hospital, jungles, etc
- Loango National Park - Surfing Hippos, whales, dolphins, elephants wandering white-sand beaches
- Franceville
- Likome - Near Border with Congo

- Lope National Park - savannah & dense forest, float along Ogooue River in pirogue, ancient rock engravings, bateke plateau
- Ivindo National Park - forest elephants, lowland gorillas, marshy clearings (Bai) attracting animals, waterfalls
- Mayumba National Park - sandy peninsula, home to largest population of nesting leather-back turtles

South Africans don't need visas for Gabon.

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