Saturday, January 1


We have been to Mozambique a few times including our honeymoon, but only to the Southern/middle bits. This time, the plan is to see the North.

- Ilha de Mozambique - reed houses, pastel colonial mansions, awesome beaches
- Nacala - awesome beaches
- Pemba - Wimbi beach, Dhow, diving, awesome beaches
- Ibo Island - awesome beaches
- Ponta Pangane - awesome beaches
- Quirimbas Archipelago - awesome beaches

You can tell, Northern Moz is going to be all about the beaches! We plan to spend a lot of time snorkelling, swiming, reading, drinking cocktails, eating prawns, etc. We will probably spend quite a bit of time here, camping on the beach to keep it cheap. I am trying not to make it sound too appealing to visitors, as it would be quite nice to get some romantical alone time here!

No visas required for Saffas for stays up to 30 days.

Most of these are our pictures from Southern Mozambique. Northern Mozambique is largely white sand, turquoise water and warm sea.

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